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Purse Hanger Hook - 3D Printed

Purse Hanger Hook - 3D Printed

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Primary color

Keep your purse, bag, or backpack off the floor and prevent it from getting dirty.
Very durable and strong
Can be used on a tabletop or placed over a door or ledge.
Unique design
Proudly Designed and manufactured in Idaho Falls, Idaho USA.
Rest assured you're getting genuine American craftsmanship

Uniquely designed hook hanger that easily fits into any size hand bag or purse.
This hook will keep your items off the floor by resting on a tabletop or hooked over an edge such as a bathroom stall.

These 3D printed hangers went through several revisions to get the perfect balance between looks, size, and strength.
They can easily hold up to 20 lbs but are lightweight and small enough to easily store when not in use.
The hooks work great and are perfect for gifts and add a little extra touch when combined with a purse given as a gift.

Item is proudly designed and manufactured in Idaho Falls, ID, U.S.A.
We would love to hear from you please feel free to contact us with any questions or product improvement suggestions.

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