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Legends Pinball LCD Screen Bezel - AT Games - dmd - ALP

Legends Pinball LCD Screen Bezel - AT Games - dmd - ALP

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Add a third screen to your AT Games Legends Pinball machine with ease.
This listing is for a 3D printed bezel to mount an LCD screen to the pinball back box to add third screen to use as a DMD.
Listing includes bezel and PCB Mounts any other items are sold separately or are for display purposes.

Provides a clean looking bezel that is mounted with double sided tape to the front plastic panel.
Other methods for a DMD such as a fire tablet leave cables dangling over the machine and have inconsistent connections.

Modification to the legends pinball table although minimal is required.
A slot will need to be drilled into the backbox to run the wires through to the back panel.
Installation is similar to this video:

It is easiest to just cut through the plexiglass with a soldering iron to prevent cracking or carefully drilling holes. There is no need to remove the backbox screen and a small slot on the bottom for the screen connector is all that is required. 

"If taking out the backbox screen to add the slot in the bottom be very careful with the stock back box screen because it is held in place by double sided tape. Disconnect the screen from the VIBS before disassembly"

Fits this screen found on amazon:
Power supply for screen:

Bezel may fit other 7" screens but I cannot guarantee they will fit properly.
Inside dimensions of the bezel are 108.5mm X 62.0mm X 7mm.
Outside dimensions: 190mm X 127mm

Includes double sided tape for install
Listing DOES NOT include the LCD screen, please visit Amazon to purchase.
Note: The LCD screen does not work with stock tables and requires a PC connected via OTG USB and the VIBS board.

Please don't hesitate to ask any questions, I'd be more than happy to help.

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