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Hello Neighbor - Keys, Wrenches and Accessories *Fan Inspired*

Hello Neighbor - Keys, Wrenches and Accessories *Fan Inspired*

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The perfect gift for the Hello Neighbor fan.


These are perfect toy to play pretend games, just setup clues and puzzles to escape the neighbors house.
They also work great for scavenger hunts or escape rooms.

All the items are 3D printed in eco-friendly PLA

Mustache comes with an elastic band so kids can wear while they are the "Neighbor aka Mr. Peterson"

Listing is for individual items only:


Key: 3-3/4" tall
Car key: 3" X 1.5"
Wrench: 6" X 2"
Crowbar: 7" X 1"
Mustache: 3" X 1"
Lock Pick: 4" X 1"
Attic Key: 4.5" X 1.5" (Does not work on locks)
Glue "Lgoo" Jar 3.5" X 2.5"
Bear Trap 6.5" diameter
Gloves - Child Size (Ages 3-10, These fit my 5 and 8 year olds great) 100% polyester
Keycard Terminal in this listing includes a keycard but can be purchased without the keycard in its individual listing.

**These items are not officially licensed and are fan-inspired only.**
Please support the developers at helloneighborgame

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