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Idaho 3D Printing & Design

Custom Design and 3D Printing Service - Concept, Design, Prototype, Production

Custom Design and 3D Printing Service - Concept, Design, Prototype, Production

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NOTE: Before purchasing this listing, please contact me for a quote. Pricing may vary depending on size of the print, print time, print resolution, design time, and manual post-processing labor.

I offer Three types of service:
1. 3D printing of customer provided model files (Minimum $35)
2. Custom CAD design (Minimum $50)
3. Custom CAD design and printed part (Minimum $75)

This is a professional service and design prices start at $35-$50 an hour depending on the project with a minimum of $50.
My expertise lies in making gadgets, gizmos, inventions, etc., pretty much anything but freeform or character design.

Have an idea we can turn it into reality and design and print it for you.
This listing is to provide custom designed products or print existing 3D model files that you provide.

We handle all aspects of 3D printing and are more than happy to answer questions and help you along the way.

We also offer design work for other types of projects and are not limited to 3D printed components.

Sheet metal fabrication design
Machined parts and assemblies
CNC wood router cutting
Machine design

The majority of our 3D printed work is printed in PLA and we have over 20 different colors available. If you are looking for a different material please let us know.
Post processes such as finishing, assembly, painting, etc., are also available to fit your project's needs.

If interested send a message detailing what you need designed or printed, and if its something I can do I'll quote you a price.
Inquiries and files can be sent to

Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

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