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Single RSA Token Holder - Carbon Fiber - Up to 3 Badge Slots

Single RSA Token Holder - Carbon Fiber - Up to 3 Badge Slots

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Introducing our single Carbon Fiber RSA Token Holder:
• Ultra Lightweight: Less than 20 grams - for less strain on your neck
• Capability: Holds one RSA token and up to 3 badges/cards
• Durable construction: carbon fiber composite for long-lasting use
• Made in the USA: supporting local craftsmanship
• Ingenuity: seamlessly combines functionality and style.

Can be purchased with one, two, or three card slots.
Our Holder ensures your digital assets are protected at all times with its snug fit for one RSA token and 1-3 badges/cards.

Designed with lightweight yet robust materials, our product embodies efficiency without sacrificing durability. Its sleek profile complements any professional attire, ensuring you stay organized and prepared throughout your day, whatever the occasion.

Please note that the RSA token and ID cards are not included with the product. However, we take great pride in offering a personal touch. For orders exceeding 50 units, enjoy the opportunity to customize the holder with your very own logo, whether to showcase your brand or add a touch of personal flair. Please contact us for personalization options
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