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Legends Pinball VIBS Button Mounting Bracket - AT Games - Video Input Backglass Switch - ALP

Legends Pinball VIBS Button Mounting Bracket - AT Games - Video Input Backglass Switch - ALP

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Includes 3M tape for a drill free install but has screw holes for a permanent install.
3D printed bracket to mount the Video Input Backglass Switchboard or VIBS button on the Arcade Legends Pinball.
Provides a sturdy mount for your VIBS board button to provide a secure clean looking install.

The mounting bracket is 3D printed and includes 3M double sided tape to mount underneath the cabinet.
Screw holes have been added if you would like to mount using screws in addition to the double sided tape.
Can be mounted on any of the sides of the cabinet or anywhere underneath and does not need to be flush if you don't want it on an edge.

Installation instructions:
Insert the VIBS button into the mounting hole.
Screw the back nut and tighten firmly.
Insert the Switch assembly into the back of the button.
Run the wire to the VIBS board. (2 Options)
1. Run the wire underneath the cabinet with adhesive cable clips
2. Run the wires in the cabinet and drill a small hole for the wires to exit the cabinet near the button.

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Listing DOES NOT include the VIBS, button, or cabinet, please visit AT Games to purchase.

Approximate size 3" X 2"

With Video Input Backglass Switchboard (VIBS) for the Legends Pinball the you can connect your pinball engine-enabled external PC to the Legends Pinball, utilizing its large, dual-screen display and arcade controls. The Video Input Backglass Switch, or VIBS, is used to connect the PC to the Legends Pinball’s backglass display.

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